Little feet grow up

The pink toe-nailed feet are going to Poland this fall to visit the big, grown-up feet, and rumor has it, in Poland the feet do a LOT of walking. So, this morning my friend Judy and I started our “preparation for going overseas and walking a lot” walking program. I huffed and puffed through 1.5 miles, but I survived. My thyroid now appears to be out of whack and that is my current explanation for being so out of shape and feeling like a zombie all the time. “Diet and exercise” my doctor says. Hmmm, could diet and exercise really be the answer to all of life’s problems? Anyway, I don’t want to huff and puff in Poland and I intend to keep up with the grown-up son’s feet, so these feet are gonna start doing some walking! (now I wish I had a digital photo of the feet before they grew up, just for comparison!)

One thought on “Little feet grow up”

  1. This is such great news, Jo. And I’m impressed you and Judy huffed and puffed out 1.5 miles. Consider me your cheering section! 😉

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