Aren’t families wonderful?

Memorial Day weekend at my sister’s cottage was great! My brother and his wife were there from Wisconsin, along with his son, wife, two kids and in-laws who came up from St. Louis. There was much boating, fishing, grilling and eating and playing plus the celebration of Jacob’s sixth birthday. Mmmm, there was even cake! I am crazy about my great niece and nephew and I think we are really blessed to have my nephew’s wife and her parents as a part of our family. Ana is from the Philippines and is one of the most amazing people I know! She is a fantastic cook, wonderful mother, energetic daughter and sister, and a good friend. Here she is with her mother, cooking some noodles and egg rolls to go with our meal.

One thought on “Aren’t families wonderful?”

  1. Looks like a fantastic weekend, Jo. Love the pictures. The one of the puppy rolling in the grass is pretty cute. And puzzles and jenga? My boys would have been in heaven! 😉

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