The thinking spot

One of my favorite photos from the weekend at my sister’s cottage was this:

G in swing

Do you have a thinking spot? Some place you always wind up when you need to think or make important decisions?  This swing is down near the edge of the lake and has been one of my most important thinking spots over the years.  I’ve made some important decisions here, like deciding to go back to school to get my teaching license, deciding to let certain things go.  The idyllic view just seems to help me get things in perspective.

Another favorite photo from the weekend:

E and K

Not that the facial expressions are that great, but considering how much this little one wiggles around, I thought it turned out pretty clear.  My sister-in-law is “the gramma” now!  We miss my mom, but we have a wonderful gramma replacement!

One more favorite:

golf cart

The cottage is up at the top of a steep hill.  Actually, it used to be at the top of a “gully”, but my dad and sister built steps and did an amazing landscaping job such that you’d think it was just planned that way.  When it got so that it was hard for mom and dad to get up the hill, my sister bought a golf cart for the many trips up and down to the water.  In my family, there is a solution for everything!

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