I love the Philippines

because they gave us my nephew’s wife and her family!  Over the years, our family has gotten kind of stuck in our American ways, American routines and food.  Now, our meals are wonderful mixtures of flavors.  It always seems like something new is coming out of the kitchen….and the smell of the rice cooking in the rice cooker….I LOVE it!

the cook

One American ( or is it universal?) tradition I seem to be hanging on to though is the family photo.  I have to admit, it used to be when we went to the cottage and came time to leave, you always had to allow extra time for the very posed family picture and it was always in the same place and always seemed to look pretty much the same to me from year to year.  So, this Labor Day weekend, when it came time to leave…guess who HAD to have a couple of goodbye pictures?  I just couldn’t help myself!!  We lost the kids from the table, one to a video game and one to bed, but I thought this turned out pretty well!

family pic

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