Holidome Heaven!

st-louis1 Just got back from a little family reunion in St. Louis. My brother and sister arranged for us to stay at the Holidome near Six Flags. We never got to the amusement park due to the cold weather, but the holidome was fantastic! Lots of swimming in a fairly warm pool, shuffle board, air hockey, a few mini golf holes, and arcade games. Plus, this holidome is older and has lots of character, kind of like a castle. The rooms were perfect and everyone was very friendly. If you ever go to the home of the arch, I would highly recommend it. They even have a shuttle to Six Flags, which is right across the street.

2 thoughts on “Holidome Heaven!”

  1. Nice shot of the ‘dome! Wish I’d gotten one, but thought it might be too dark in there. It WAS a really nice weekend, wasn’t it.

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