Warming up the bikes

Photo of RAGBRAI

Mmmmm, it’s feeling warm enough now that one starts to think about getting out the old bicycle.  Mine has been in my nice warm walk in closet all winter.

While I was “trying” to fall asleep the other night, I was thinking of all the “sporty” things one could do in Ames…and there is quite a list.  I’ve never been the athletic type, but thanks to my sister and her P.E. teacher background, I was introduced to almost any activity you can imagine while I was a little kid and she was in college.  I did tennis (with a homemade mini tennis racquet), bowling, swimming, badmitten, scooters, jump rope, some kind of clicking dancing sticks, ice skating, roller skating, sledding, and Go You Chicken Fat Go (exercise tape), probably all before the age of 5!

Anyway, the result is, I enjoy playing around with sporting activities and there’s not much I am afraid to try.  Maybe this summer I’ll have to see how many things I can find along these lines in Ames.  One of the things on my life list is to ride a part of RAGBRAI too, so guess I better get the bike outside and get going!

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