summer is HERE!

Yea, it’s summer! Are we excited or what?!! I am trying to get excited. I’ve been thinking about summers past, the way summers were, the way I wished they were.

I am an adult now though, doesn’t that mean I can design my own summer, just the way I want it?

Of course, things don’t always go as planned, and that’s a good thing too.  You find surprises, discover things about yourself, your place, your people. Anyway, I am going to really try to post every day this summer….I’m calling it Ames Summer 101.

I think it is important to be connected to your place, and my place right now is Ames, Iowa. I scold myself because sometimes I get bored with Ames, but really, it is like the perfect place to live and I want to celebrate that and share it this summer.

That said, my first Ames Summer 101 post is going to point out the fact that I am going to be traveling away from Ames later this summer, to Poland hopefully! But my first step to Poland took place in Ames, here:

Downtown Ames has an old post office that just exudes character, and being a relatively small town, the lines aren’t too long and one often sees an acquaintance or makes a new one while admiring the architecture or murals on the wall.

The passport man behind the counter was extremely friendly and helpful and I found my passport in my apartment mailbox just 9 days after completing the application process here!

I also love how patient they are here with me when I want to pick out some “pretty stamps” to put on my letters for you all!