Is there hope for suburbia?

I love so many of the residential areas around Ames for their old unique houses with mature trees and creative gardens and landscaping.

And then……there is THIS (photo above). Lets just be kind and call it “generic”. But the other day, my friend and I were walking in this area of West Towne and came upon a little more grown up version of suburbia. It felt different, cooler, greener, more loved.

Ok, so maybe suburbia just needs a little time and love. And in defense of West Towne, there are places right across the street from these houses, coffee shops like Cafe Milo, tanning and hair salons, businesses to work in, and bike paths that will take you to the other parts of town. Here are a few pics of the hope I saw for suburbia while I was walking.


People live there a while, decide to paint the door red or add their own favorite flowers. They make sun tea on the sidewalk and the houses stop looking so painfully the same.