Road Tripping to Colorado

Steven and I have taken several wonderful trips to Colorado.  We visit his family, but we usually take a little vacation side trip too, which involves mountains and sometimes even some snow in July! The drive west always amazes me…corn, corn, corn, flat….then some irrigated fields in Nebraska, then dry, dry, dry…so dry it makes your nose hurt.  And then……mountains appear like clouds in the distance.

We took a trip to the Rockies when I was a kid and I loved it, but especially so since my sister did a lot of the driving!  Remember Pike’s Peak?!!  I’ve gotten used to driving  in Rocky Mountain National Park in recent years though.  The mountains are overpowering, more so than the ocean for me, but they have their own magic..and then there are the valleys and canyons and white water rushing over boulders, all frothy and exuberant!