Women as art

Ok, ok, please don’t accuse me of objectifying women or some such thing……but as I get older, I appreciate what anthropologist and author Mary Catherine Bateson refers to as the way women “compose a life”.

Starting out with dreams of college and saving the world or at least setting it on fire, many of us took a detour through family life, raising children, being full time volunteers, caring for aging parents, cobbling together part time jobs that fit the kids’ needs, sometimes followed by divorce, perhaps more college/collage¬† and then hopefully some semblance of a career.¬† Since reading Bateson’s Composing a Life, I have a new appreciation for our gender and often wonder, when observing other women, what ingenuity, acrobatics and struggles each has gone through to reach her particular place in life.¬† With that in mind, I consider these women at the Ames Art Fair to be works of art themselves.


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