Sunday night supper at Es Tas


Ames Summer 101. Finally getting out today….hmmm….. where to get some supper?   Campus Town?   Something not too heavy?

Why yes, Es Tas would be perfect. At its new location, 216 Stanton, Es Tas authentic Mexican now has more room and the same great tacos.

Check out the menu and you’ll see fish and shrimp, as well as the usual meat choices for your tacos, but what I love the most are the fresh deep-fried flour taco shells. Romain lettuce and fantastic guacamole don’t hurt either. Even though it doubles as a bar, early Sunday evening was quiet except for the music and I was almost tempted to try out the foosball. Sure, college towns can be…well….full of college students, but if you time it right, us family types can enjoy some quieter times too.

Prices may have changed. This menu is from 2008

ps the burgers are good too!