The Seed Catalog Itch

Well, I finally succumbed yesterday. I don’t really have access to a gardening space, living in an apartment and all. In the past, I’ve rented a plot at the Iowa State University Student Organic Farm and I’ve had pots of flowers and a few veggies on my veranda, but the veranda faces north, and now the Student Farm has moved about 10 miles away, so really, I shouldn’t be looking at seed catalogs at all. But yesterday I had to go to the doctor, and you know how that can go….long waits, more waiting…so I took my Seeds of Change catalog, just to help me relax and I found myself plotting how I could grow something this summer, somewhere! So in honor of garden dreaming, today I’ll post a pic from the SOF, as we await a possible half inch of ice followed by up to 8 inches of snow and yes, spring is still on her way I hope!


The first robin

Entering and leaving work lately I’ve noticed the birds singing, even though the temperature is still in the single digits. Today, however, I saw with my very own eyes the first true sign of spring – a robin. And it wasn’t just a fleeting or off in the distance “was that really a robin I saw?” sighting. This robin looked like he was waiting for me, right outside the door to my apartment. My front door (well, my only door really) exits onto a building-long veranda that is edged with boxy yews and my robin sat on one yew, then as I walked towards the mailbox, he hopped onto the next shrub. I am sure he was saying “look here, don’t be so glum, here I am, just for you, smile, spring is coming!”

Now I can’t say as I have a picture of a robin sitting on my hard drive to share with you and I haven’t taken any new photos in months, but I’m sure I have something birdish to give you, to make you think of spring and days and days of green on the horizon! (later in April….I did find a robin with my camera!)

Later, my camera found my robin!

Spring is coming,

I can feel it in my bones, even if it is 7 below zero outside where I am tonight. I feel happier.  I think it has to do with earlier sunrises and later sunsets with lots of…well, just plain sunshine in between. Can you feel it…the daffodils starting to stir in their dreams, the geese down south getting restless to migrate?