Spring Flowering Trees in Ames

Today was the day!  I feel like spring is about at its peak here in central Iowa, so I took out the Cannon and drove around town to capture the beauty.

Iowa State University has a beautiful campus and every year when the blue squill bloom it still takes my breath away.  This year I finally got onto campus for some close ups of the patch between the Memorial Union and the Knoll.


Blue squill on Iowa State University campus


Peony Dreaming!

It just dawned on me that I’d pretty much forgotten about spring…as in….. this winter has been so mild I just thought of it as spring, but I suppose eventually we’ll get the green grass and flowers to go with the warm temps.

What are you looking forward to about spring 2012?  I’ve always loved flowers, but I kind of lost my taste for them when my job at a public gardens didn’t work out.  I am back in love though, thanks largely to to this blog, Little Flower School,  and the amazing arrangements they feature.

And they have totally gotten me hooked on ranunculus!  Do you know anyone who grows them at home?  I saw a few potted ones for sale at Lowes last spring.  I wonder if that is a new trend that will take off in 2012.

Oh my, the colors and textures!  And now I have broken my rule of only posting my own photos on my blog, but I just had to give you a taste of the amazing things flowers can do!

I will finish up though with a few more of my own peony photos, taken at my dear friend’s house.

So soft, warm, fragrant and exuberant!

Convention Dreaming

It was a wonderful Sunday morning meeting today…one of those days where you just love every little teeny tiny detail of everything!

Having had a lot of stress in my past, I’ve learned to make little safe places to retreat to in my mind when the stress gets too heavy.  Most people call it day dreaming I guess.

One of my favorite visualizations is to picture going to our yearly convention on an Iowa farm.  The upstairs of the barn is turned into a slumber party of sorts for women!  I’m not exactly sure what the men’s quarters looks like!  This last August, I slept next to the slanty wall and loved propping my legs up against it to relax between meetings.

It was a little hard to do a proper bed making here though!

Mostly we spend four days hearing spirit inspired messages from the Bible, but we also eat our meals together and sleep either in transformed barns, tents or campers.  I love the way rustic becomes comfortable, and how everyone fits and works together and reliving it all in my mind the rest of the year is such a pleasant retreat!