Staying in a Krakow flat

On the internet, Ian found a flat for us to rent for our two days in Krakow. Actually, we had two of three bedrooms in the flat and shared a kitchen and bathroom in common with the residents of the third bedroom. It was quite charming and reasonable! We had a key to the front door as well as keys to the flat and to our bedrooms. As far as I could tell the third bedroom was occupied by a family with a teenager, but we never did really see them! While there we had a wonderful visit with some friends who came over and joined us for breakfast, AND two girls from America who were touring Europe wound up joining us too! They had Ian’s phone number and gave him a call. Small world!

Above is the view from our window, a little courtyard behind the building our flat was in.

Our kitchen was equipped with a few dishes, and the basics for a good cup of coffee. The bathroom was also delightful and afforded a nice hot shower! Again, we slept with the windows wide open…just sheer bliss!

Off to Krakow!

My posts are now up to the beginning of the second week of my trip to Poland. Tuesday Ian and I headed back to the train station and took off for Krakow, one of the more tourist oriented places to visit, but again, my main goal was to spend time with Ian and our friends, relax and just enjoy the feeling of Poland. We rented two rooms of a three room flat not too far via public transportation from the old part of the city. Once again, the buildings and atmosphere were beautiful!

More of the apartment

Here is the little kittenette with hot plate, sink, refrigerator, clever shelves and the tiny table by the window. Most importantly, there is no lack of coffee and since they make sandwiches for the train a lot, the kitchen space seems to work just fine. In several of my living spaces, I’ve had very small kitchens, and my mother always said they were such fun to clean, just like taking care of a doll house!

Where Ian sleeps

On Monday of my trip to Poland, Ian and I were in Wroclaw (pronounced Vrotswav) where he has a little apartment. It would remind you of a large college dorm room with a small foyer, bathroom, and tiny kitchen. They’ve put large wardrobes down the middle to divide the room. This sofa is like a futon and makes into a bed. While there, I slept here and Ian slept on Loran’s chair that makes into a bed. It was small but very cozy, wonderful windows, quiet, good sleep!

It was wonderful for the mother in me to see where her son spends some of his time! Also, I loved seeing some of the furniture that had belonged to a dear friend, Edward, who has passed on. I never got to meet him, but seeing some things he used made me feel like I had touched him in some way.

And here is Loran probably catching up on e-mail. He always has such a wonderful smile! 🙂

Going to Kutno

It’s Sunday now on my trip to Poland. We were up early for some fellowship with friends and then took off to visit more friends in Kutno. Mr. P had rented a car, as he is thinking about purchasing one there in we had wheels! It was wonderful to see the countryside this way and my conclusion was that the roads are quite good. Some further out in the country are narrower and don’t have lines painted on them…could be tricky in bad weather or at night, but they were just fine for us. We stopped part way for an early lunch at this restaurant.