Daschund in Duff

One of my goals for Saturdays is to try to get out and enjoy my community.  Last Saturday I wandered in the Ames downtown and met this cutie pie!

I am not really crazy about daschunds.  My neighbor Frank Atwell had two feisty ones that would never let me pet that velvety brown fur when I was a child.  In their defense, they were young and I’m sure they were just trying to show their enthusiam for me.

But long haired daschunds…totally different story!  I enjoyed meeting this lady in Cynthia Duff Plaza and petting her two treasures!

I’ll come back to see you some day!

Eating at May House

Had lunch at May House on west Lincoln Way a while back.  If you want a true taste of the sea, get the amazingly unique combination hotpot.  It’s one  of Steven’s favorites there.  I love the beef fried rice…perfect comfort food.  Oh, and it’s one of the few places in town where you can get soda fountain RC!

May House beef fried rice


May House combination hot pot

Warming up the bikes

Photo of RAGBRAI

Mmmmm, it’s feeling warm enough now that one starts to think about getting out the old bicycle.  Mine has been in my nice warm walk in closet all winter.

While I was “trying” to fall asleep the other night, I was thinking of all the “sporty” things one could do in Ames…and there is quite a list.  I’ve never been the athletic type, but thanks to my sister and her P.E. teacher background, I was introduced to almost any activity you can imagine while I was a little kid and she was in college.  I did tennis (with a homemade mini tennis racquet), bowling, swimming, badmitten, scooters, jump rope, some kind of clicking dancing sticks, ice skating, roller skating, sledding, and Go You Chicken Fat Go (exercise tape), probably all before the age of 5!

Anyway, the result is, I enjoy playing around with sporting activities and there’s not much I am afraid to try.  Maybe this summer I’ll have to see how many things I can find along these lines in Ames.  One of the things on my life list is to ride a part of RAGBRAI too, so guess I better get the bike outside and get going!

Iowa State University Research Park

Oh, it’s a beautiful day in the heartland! The other morning I went for a drive (been trying to wake up at 5:45 am and STAY up lately) and wound up at the ISU Research Park. This photo, believe it or not, shows part of the landscaping…very natural looking. Maybe I’ll wind up working out here, who knows?! I’d have a nice view for enjoying my lunch outside, don’t you think?

Something new in Somerset

Somerset in north Ames can be thought of as  a semi-new-urbanist development.  You can go here to read about New Urbanism if you are so inclined, but it has to do with “promoting walkable, neighborhood-based development as an alternative to sprawl” according to the Congress for new Urbanism.

Many Ames-ites  love The Cafe, a cozy restaurant that features a good variety of locally grown, in-season foods. The last time I went by there I saw what looked like a garden beside The Cafe and behind the gym. This new addition in Somerset remains a mystery to me…whose garden??? Whoever the owner, I have to say I am IMPRESSED! We’ve had way more rain than usual around here and the most experienced farmers and gardeners are behind schedule, but this garden looks like it was willed into the ground by a pro!  (alas, 2018 update:  it is no longer there)

A community garden in Somerset, Ames Iowa?
A community garden in Somerset, Ames Iowa?


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