May Basket Day 2012

Here it is, this year’s beautiful May Basket from my dear sister!  It makes me feel like I am in a late spring meadow with my favorite Queen Anne’s Lace!

And these are the sweetest little pink tulips ever!

It seems like every year there is also something new and exciting in the May Basket.  This year it was this yellow “puff”, a very lovely spherical element.    I have no idea what it is.  It seems like the center of some flower with the petals removed.  The basket came from Mary Kay’s Flowers and Gifts, so I may have to give them a call and satisfy my curiosity!


Once in a lifetime spring???

Every day the last couple of weeks, when I head out into Ames, I almost faint, the spring flowering show has been so beautiful.  You know how it usually goes?  You wait all of Feb, March and some of April for the blossoms to pop, and a day or so after they do, you get an April shower, and it’s all gone, in the blink of an eye.  And usually it’s a procession, yellow forsythia first, then red buds, THEN white apple blossoms and finally the violets and crab apples.  As the next blossom appears, the previous ones fade.  This year, it’s all out there at once, lingering until the last one on stage has made its appearance!

We’ve had a gentle rain this morning on this side of town, but if the skies clear, I think I can get out there and get some more photos of this once in a lifetime spring!

Spring Flowering Trees in Ames

Today was the day!  I feel like spring is about at its peak here in central Iowa, so I took out the Cannon and drove around town to capture the beauty.

Iowa State University has a beautiful campus and every year when the blue squill bloom it still takes my breath away.  This year I finally got onto campus for some close ups of the patch between the Memorial Union and the Knoll.


Blue squill on Iowa State University campus