Revisiting Reliable Street

In less than an hour I am planning to go to Reliable Street. This is such an enchanting place in Ames, Iowa, home to Iowa State University. My last blog visit was during the summer, but today we are hovering on the arrival of spring and the winds are a blowin’. It’s going to be quite a different experience! Last time I wrote about being here, I wanted to be alone and have some solitude, but I also wanted to have people near by. I work best that way. Sometimes I like to think of it as parallel solitude.

Today I am going to be social and catch up on what’s been happening, and you know, it’s gardening season, even if the temp is only 37 degrees this morning. I have seedlings started and have been gardening in my mind for about a month. I am anxious to learn what plans are brewing for the Reliable Street garden.

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