What do you see?

Different people see different things when they look at a garden.  Some might see a mess or chaos or laziness or weeds.  But when you fall in love with plants, you can see a garden the way you see someone you love. 

Instead of seeing a sleepy, messy haired, bad breathed person in the morning, when you love a person, you see someone you know you are going to love spending time with every day.  You know all the little things about that person that charm you.  You know the potential.  You see the depth, the life, the secret wonders that no one else sees.  This is my garden in early spring.  You may see weeds, out-of-bounds  flower beds, grass that should be trimmed; but I see life, the wonders of dandelions and violets that appear without being planted, experiments tried, ideas for the future, and a place where I want to spend time.   It’s my garden, and I love it!

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