May Basket Day 2012

Here it is, this year’s beautiful May Basket from my dear sister!  It makes me feel like I am in a late spring meadow with my favorite Queen Anne’s Lace!

And these are the sweetest little pink tulips ever!

It seems like every year there is also something new and exciting in the May Basket.  This year it was this yellow “puff”, a very lovely spherical element.    I have no idea what it is.  It seems like the center of some flower with the petals removed.  The basket came from Mary Kay’s Flowers and Gifts, so I may have to give them a call and satisfy my curiosity!


2 thoughts on “May Basket Day 2012”

  1. Love, love Queen Anne’s lace or however you spell it. Love to couple it with wild roses in a bouquet. Say, nice basket. My sister makes me crafty things sometimes. Nice to have sisters.

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