Salad from my (our) garden!

This is what I had for supper tonight!  It was the second salad from the….our…garden!  In the past, I’ve usually gardened alone.  I like to disappear into the garden for “me time”.  It’s my gift to myself.  After the ISU Student Organic Farm moved north of Ames, I thought I would never garden again, but this year, a friend of Steven’s asked me if  I wanted to join their garden.  He had gardened alone too, not been as successful as he had hoped, so this year, it’s going to be a community effort.  🙂  After working for several hours  at the garden today, I filled my McDonald’s iced tea cup with some mesclun mix, a few spinach leaves, some sweet basil and lemon basil, and 3 sprigs of parsley.  It didn’t look like much in the cup, but on my plate it was beautiful…and delicious!  I dressed it with olive oil, lime juice and garlic salt.

Biointensive Gardening

This year I am gardening with two other people who wanted to give John Jeavon’s Biointensive Gardening a try.  One of the main ideas is that you start EVERYTHING from seed in flats, even corn, beans and peas.  These are some marigolds I started quite a while ago.  It really has made gardening a brand new experience for me.  I’ve tried to start things from seed before and failed miserably.  It’s going better this year due in large part to the grow light Steven put together for me, but I also have a very different attitude about it.  In the past, I’ve always bonded with each little seed and plant, WANTING it to thrive, but you know, nature just isn’t like that.  And the spiritual lesson for me has been: maybe God isn’t like that either.  Most plants produce an abundance of seed and you wouldn’t want it all to survive.  I get upset at myself for each little failure, sometimes making it monumental.  But this week I’ve realized, I need to make lots of efforts, and only some of them will go on to grow and produce fruit, and that is just the way nature is.  And God, the Master Gardener, knows that and has planned it that way.


In 2010, I went a little crazy taking photos of some daisies in my neighborhood.  They made me think of the movie,  You’ve Got Mail, where Meg Ryan’s character says that daisies are the friendliest flowers, and then Tom Hanks’ character brings her a bunch of daisies, trying to convince her that the big bad Fox Book Store man might not be as bad as she thinks, as in, he is really the guy on the internet she has fallen in love with.  Ahh….so romantic!

So this year, the flower of 2012 seems to be the poppy. This little spot of poppies on a corner in my neighborhood always just knocks my socks off when it blooms.  So here it is, 2012, the spring of bold colors and poppies!











Does anyone know of a romantic story to go with poppies?







May Basket Day 2012

Here it is, this year’s beautiful May Basket from my dear sister!  It makes me feel like I am in a late spring meadow with my favorite Queen Anne’s Lace!

And these are the sweetest little pink tulips ever!






It seems like every year there is also something new and exciting in the May Basket.  This year it was this yellow “puff”, a very lovely spherical element.    I have no idea what it is.  It seems like the center of some flower with the petals removed.  The basket came from Mary Kay’s Flowers and Gifts, so I may have to give them a call and satisfy my curiosity!