Farmers Market Is Coming!

This is a scene from last year’s market in Ames.  Not sure when this year’s starts, or what the Ames “situation” will be this year, but I’ve been following Larry Cleverly on Twitter (dirtfarmerlarry) and am excited for Des Moines’ one man pop up market today!

One thought on “Farmers Market Is Coming!”

  1. We enjoy going to farmers markets and talking to the farmers when we vacation. When we visited a market near Wisconsin Dells, we ended sending them my farmer market sister-in-law’s recipe for chocolate zucchini cake. My brother and sister-in-law sell on a couple of farmers markets in Ky.
    We also visited farmers markets on Kaui (Hawaii) and chatted with Coconut Jim and a few other farmers. I bought some odd veggie and everyone else asked: Who sold you that? (They didn’t think I could figure out how to cook it.)

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