Why art?

As I post some of my photos from the Ames Art Fair tonight, I hear the question in my mind: “Why art?  Why does this matter?”

Art has always been important to me, ever since my dad first taught me to draw trees and I heard the story of my sister getting paid a penny a piece for her drawings when she was a girl.  I believe that art takes you places.  When you are creating art, it takes you outside of or inside yourself, away from what may be bugging you or just down right scaring you to death.  When I look at good art, it also transports me for a few minutes, or if it resides in my home, it becomes a little side trip I take every day as I pass by it.  I can travel to the world of mermaids, to a park full of bike riders or off to a day in the countryside, just by using my eyes.

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