New Places to Work

Steven and I do the bulk of our work free lance style, not at a traditional office.  He gets paid for his work, mine is unfunded graduate work right now.  Still, we make a good have-lap-top-will-travel pair!  I drag him to Burgie’s a lot, because that is my favorite place to work,  GREAT dark roast coffee and awesome music, soft seats and sofas as well as nice tables and chairs.  But occasionally we launch out and look for new places to work.  Last Friday for date-night which is often date-afternoon, we went downtown Des Moines and found the library at the state capitol to be quite nice.  For a while we sat in the eating area, but the echos of 60 school children on a field trip reverberating in the 3-4 story rotunda was a little much.  This library was much nicer, and lo and behold, when the students entered, they actually turned it down to a whisper!

Iowa capital rotunda, beautiful but not very quiet!

3 thoughts on “New Places to Work”

  1. that would be an AWESOME place to be… but i think i’d be too distracted with the beauty of it all and the ‘people watching’ 😉 🙂 🙂 LOL gorgeous place tho!!! 🙂 🙂

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