Bernard Place Block Club community garden

A few years ago I got to tour some community gardens around Chicago as part of the AABGA conference (now known as the American Public Gardens Association).  I think this garden tucked away beside an alley was my favorite.  I wish I remembered more of the stories behind this garden, but mostly I remember the flowers, and how kind and proud  the gardeners were who showed us around.  I didn’t get names and I didn’t ask permission to post these photos, but I would be delighted if some day, some of the Bernard Place Block Club community gardeners would run into my blog and let me thank them for the beauty they added to the world!

Bernard Place Block Club Community Garden
Dramatic and fragrant masses of dill

I was so taken with the beautiful structure of these masses of dill.

Hard working but happy gardeners
The loveliest community gardener
Russion Sage

These gardeners also made dramatic use of Russian Sage.  Did I already use the word “dramatic”?  Well, the whole garden was just dramatic!  Thank you again Bernard Place Community Block Club.  I hope your community garden is still going strong!

A lovely combination

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