Design Aspiration

Design Aspiration

Steven has a new blog over at

It’s been an inspiration to me to get blogging again after being down with a cold for three weeks.  Spring has been flirting with us here in Iowa, I’ve been making some new decorations for my bedroom and trying to do some more painting, anything to get a break from thesis writing!  Writing a thesis can be a creative process, but it also has aspects of feeling like you are in jail, at least for me.  Thinking about design feels like a rest for my brain.  I am not sure I can actually say I design things.  I decorate, I create fabric art… that probably qualifies as design, but I like Steven’s idea that as users of products we can also participate in the design process, and really, we should.  The world would be a better place for it.  So, until I get my camera fired up for some spring blog posts here at Passion for Green, slip over to Design Aspiration and enjoy some thought provoking reading and imagine yourself as a designer for a while!

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