Iowa Countryside in Late Fall

Sunset in the Iowa Countryside

There is an effort going on at WordPress to encourage more blogging.  I love blogging, but some days I have the typical quandary,  “What do I write about?”.   Part of my solution has been to post a picture of the day.  Most of my photos here come from my own camera (or my sister’s).  I’m not sure how my family became so photo crazy, but we are!  So today, I just decided to pick some numbers out of the air and see what I found.  This is from my 4th folder, the 4th photo!  Phew…not too hard to write about  Iowa fields!

The farm fields in Iowa have been plowed and are now resting under a blanket of snow.  One of our visiting workers said, “You can’t come to Iowa and NOT think about the harvest.”  Everywhere you drive, this rich prairie soil births harvest after harvest of life-giving grain.  Whether you farm a thousand acres or just have a few pots on your balcony, it’s always exciting to sit inside on a snowy day and think about your harvest.   What will you sow this year?  What will you reap?

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