Things to look forward to: Rolling around in the grass

rolling in the grass!

Most people talk about the fresh green grass and how it smells or excites the eyes after a long gray winter.  Personally, however, I believe the best thing about grass is feeling it underneath you, and maybe it’s not just the grass.  Walking on the earth or lying down, it feels so alive.  Try it sometime!  Walk on some hard, cold, man-made pavement, and then step off to the side and feel the living, changing, responding soil and grass.  And if you are really brave, when no one is looking….lie down and just roll around, then end up on your back and watch the clouds roll by!

Team PrISUm ISU solar car

Looking back over my 2010 photos, I ran into this and it gave me hope for spring, and the future.  Do you think we’ll ever be driving cars that look like this?  Around Earth Day last year,  Iowa State University groups showcased their earth friendly initiatives on our beautiful campus.  Check out Team PrISUm’s web site for more great photos!

Solar Car at Iowa State University