Winter and cycles

Sounds like winter might be blowing in here today in Ames, Iowa.  We’re scheduled for some flurries at least.  So far there has been nary a snowflake in our little city.   I had to go to Hobby Lobby yesterday, just to get a whiff of holiday spirit, even though I didn’t wind up buying anything.  It’s  hard to think about the Christmas holidays without some snow blowing around!

That said, I am also kind of bracing myself for the prospect of the winter doldrums.  It’s looking pretty gray out there today, so I thought I’d just give us a little shot of blue and green.  It’s good to remember that spring WILL come, trees will be leafy again, they just need a rest.  Our lives are like that sometimes too.  We go through cycles of productivity, followed by cycles of what feels like nothingness, but like plants, there is still something going on underground.  Our “winters” can also break bad habits, like a hard freeze can kill off damaging bugs.  Cold shoulders and rough winds can also remind us of our need for the warm Sun in our lives.  So here is to blue skies and greenness, on the other side of a good winter!


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