Winter and cycles

Sounds like winter might be blowing in here today in Ames, Iowa.  We’re scheduled for some flurries at least.  So far there has been nary a snowflake in our little city.   I had to go to Hobby Lobby yesterday, just to get a whiff of holiday spirit, even though I didn’t wind up buying anything.  It’s  hard to think about the Christmas holidays without some snow blowing around!

That said, I am also kind of bracing myself for the prospect of the winter doldrums.  It’s looking pretty gray out there today, so I thought I’d just give us a little shot of blue and green.  It’s good to remember that spring WILL come, trees will be leafy again, they just need a rest.  Our lives are like that sometimes too.  We go through cycles of productivity, followed by cycles of what feels like nothingness, but like plants, there is still something going on underground.  Our “winters” can also break bad habits, like a hard freeze can kill off damaging bugs.  Cold shoulders and rough winds can also remind us of our need for the warm Sun in our lives.  So here is to blue skies and greenness, on the other side of a good winter!


Brown Pelicans/One Footed Wonderful

Since I got a Twitter  shout out from the author of Zoomoods: A volunteer’s eye view of the Minnesota zoo, I decided I better get blogging!  My passion for green really translates into a passion for nature more than an interest in green technology and such.  Being around plants or animals transports me away from the worries of human life to a world not made with words.  I like words, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes, the verbal part of my brain needs a rest.  What IS the world of green and fur?  Is it pure mathematics?  Physics?   Chemistry?  What form do tiger thoughts take if they aren’t made out of words?  The natural world is a playground I never tire of!

The following pelican encounter in Florida this summer took me wonderfully by surprise.  I’ve always loved to watch units of pelicans skim across the gulf waters in perfect formation, so when I drifted out of the St. Petersburg Pier building and caught a  glimpse of some pelicans coming in to land on a post, I cautiously approached for a close up view.  I gradually got closer….and closer…..and even closer, much to my delight!  Wow, these guys were friendly!

Upon closest encounter, however, I noticed something was missing.  This guy/gal had only one foot.

And then I wished there had been a common language between us, some words to explain the adventure or tragedy of the missing foot.  Perhaps this one had been nursed by humans, hence the friendliness to this woman with a camera.  But maybe with no words, there was no strong memory of whatever mishap had befallen.  This one just seemed happy to be alive, to preen some feathers, hang out with a pal, and smile for some pictures.