What makes a “vacation”?

So I am looking through my old vacation pictures and it occurred to me that defining vacation might be a little problematic.  Mostly, is it vacation when you go to visit relatives?  Does a vacation imply that you go several different places?  I guess  I am conditioned by what my dad considered to be summer vacation.  It was always a road trip that had been elaborately planned out and involved traveling from place to place for at least a week if not two.

So for this trip down vacation memory lane, I guess I’ll go with that and leave visits to family as a totally different category of fun!

Since I was talking about Florida yesterday, I decided I might as well bring up my other Florida vacation to memory today….although….this “vacation” took place in the winter and didn’t involved driving down there, but…..we traveled around once we got there, took lots of photos, had vacation goals…so…it’s a vacation in my book!  My sister and I both love water birds, I love the beach (in case you hadn’t figured that out already!) and sunsets should always be a part of any vacation, right?  In fact, a good way to feel like you’ve had a mini vacation is to get yourself outside and watch the sunset, right there in your own home town!

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