Where did the summer go?

Ooof, it’s time to get blogging, thesis or no thesis!  One reason I love vacations so much is that no one can take them away from you or change them, they don’t rot or break or wear out.  So the highlight of most of my summers is vacation, and if I had a vacation, I never feel like I just “lost” the summer.  So maybe I’ll post for a few days about vacations past.  I’ll apologize ahead of time for any repeat photos.

Here are some of my top pics from summer vacation 2010: Road Trip to Florida and Home Through New Orleans

The main reason (excuse!) for going to Florida was doing an interview for my thesis research.  And New Orleans?  Well, I’d never been there before, and since it was such big news with the BP oil disaster, I thought it would be interesting for this social scientist to spend a little bit of time just checking it out.  I saw no evidence of oil in Florida, the beach there was fantastic!  The stay in N.O. was brief, but I was tickled by the Mardi Gras beads hanging from the trees, enjoyed seeing the French Quarter and made it to a wetlands called Bayou Sauvage.  There were no cleaning crews, no activity of any kind, but I do think I saw oil and its damage in some of the marsh.

I love the pastel colors used on beach structures in Florida!
No signs of oil spill here!
Mardi Gras beads hanging from the trees in N.O.
Such a fragile but important ecosystem
This, I assumed, was oil and its effect on plant life in the wetlands

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