A Fabulous Day!

I had a  little vacation today!  Steven and I drove to Pella, Iowa to look at the tulips and check out this little town of Dutch origins.  It must still be spring, because every day just seems more gorgeous than the last.




One thought on “A Fabulous Day!”

  1. Dear Sister,
    What a nice way to catch up on our genetic material: your blog! Just finished giving my second big lecture of the year last week so I have time now to have a life after prep. and began it with your wonderful pics and musings.

    Next year, I am resolved to do a two hour lecture on the history of Poland, land of our Kosier forefathers so will begin research this summer. Any suggestions for references would be appreciated.

    In the meantime, I have been rethinking the sacrament of communion and wondered if and how you deal with it if at all. The whole process suddenly seems very cannibalistic so I have been “sitting it out.”

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