Spring comes

Spring always comes to the grocery store before it comes outside.  Sometimes I don’t like the thought of flowers being ‘forced’ to bloom before they are ready, but that’s the way of the world, and this spring, I was glad for the forshadow of flowers while it was still cold and dreary outside.  Today it was in the high 70’s here, I was on campus a good part of the day, and life was gorgeously sweet smelling and greening! I’ll  post pictures of my campus wandering tomorrow.

Getting Your Green On

I saw my first robins on Saturday.  They’ve probably been here for a while, but I’ve just been too distracted to notice.  This photo was taken behind my brother’s condo a few years ago, but it gives me hope….that green grass IS coming…that it will be a beautiful spring…that I will manage to get un-distracted and make some time for my passion for green.