Spring preview

After Valentines Day, I think it’s ok to start really anticipating spring, don’t you agree?

So just for a moment, close your eyes and think of tulips….not the grocery store tulips you are seeing in the store right now.  Think of a soft spring breeze, puffy white clouds in the sky and a mass of spring tulips with a ripple of giggles and laughter blowing through them, fresh sun-warmed earth breaking open at their feet, and bees tickling their inner frailty.

Turn the lights off

Although I study sustainability, I’m not really a very green person.  I tend to think that the best changes will come from the top down, with legislation and policies about the way we use resources.  That said, I have thought some lately about my own resource usage.  I’ve been thinking some about Haiti, and my friends there.  What would I do if disaster dictated that I live with the bare minimum day to day?  Water, light, shelter, all the things I take for granted…..I shoud be more careful, more thoughtful…..and as a result, I’ve been turning off the lights, and scolding myself for running the water excessively.  Will it make a difference? I don’t know.  But I find myself not wanting to be a glutten.  I’m just one of 6.8 billion people on this planet earth.  I need to be mindful of that every day.


Last Friday I was interviewed about my blog by an ISU journalism student.  I have to admit, I was a little nervous, but Kim was GREAT!

We met at the Horticulture building, one of my old haunts, talked in the student lounge there and then went to the conservatory for some photos.  One of the students in the lounge said that the old Hort greenhouses and conservatory are scheduled to come down.  The greenhouses will be replaced, but it sounds like the conservatory will not.  It’s a wonderful place to duck into on cold winter days like today….a breath of tropical world that can transport you to southeast Asia or the Amazon! Stop in and wander around sometime, while we still have this treasure on campus.