Adult? Yes. Pressure? No.

Merry Christmas everyone!

(Steven took this photo of me at the local downtown flower shop)

It’s 10:50 am and I am still in bed under the covers sipping coffee and crunching on an unfrosted Christmas cookie!  I’m getting old….wellll….older….and I have to say, it’s pretty nice!

I’ve never been good at deadlines because I overestimate my ability to cram, hence I was pretty good at making holidays stressful, for myself, and others too. Now, I live alone, and if I still have the fall decorations going in my bedroom and the Christmas green and red are still boxed up, it’s no big deal!  I have some Christmas cards on my checkers table in the living room and my friends will get them in the mail eventually, but I deliberately bought something that mentioned snow instead of Christmas…just in case  I didn’t keep up with my holiday planning schedule!

To those of you who are better at planning and making things happen according to schedule, I hope you have a merry day, and that things turned out as you hoped, but if they didn’t, that’s ok too!  Just relax, be beautiful and be happy.  There is  only one deadline worth fighting for, and that battle is  won by submission.  I’m glad I am able to focus more exclusively on that deadline these days!

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