Peoria Thanksgiving Parade

Forget New York…just go to Peoria for a great Thanksgiving parade.  I suppose people don’t get so excited about parades any more, but being part sociologist, I think they are fascinating!  The day after Thanksgiving this year, we went to Peoria’s Santa Claus parade.  A short drive, easy parking, a really nice day and front row seats plus all the elements of a great parade.  I think there must have been a story book theme for the floats…we saw Cinderella, the Grinch, Tinkerbell, some pirates, a circus gorilla costume, the old woman who lived in a shoe and much  more.

I don’t know so much about parades in other countries and cultures, but an American parade should start with some police or fire engine sirens and the flag and have lots of marching bands in addition to the floats.  The Peoria parade had lots of organizations represented and school bands from all over the area….a really strong show of community.  Bravo Peoria!  The social pillar of your sustainability looks strong.

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