Thanksgiving Table Setting

Gosh I love holidays, especially when I don’t have to do all the work.  That probably sounds really bad, but it’s meant to convey how happy I was at Thanksgiving this year.  Back in Indiana, I exhausted myself with trying to make holidays work.  As I get older, I really enjoy slipping off to the side and just watching.  What a treat!  Maybe my parents felt that way about my holidays…if so, then it was worth it!  But…this year my sister had the bulk of the holiday burden at her house, and I  loved watching things get cleaned up and arranged for a house full of company.  I especially loved watching her pull out all sorts of wonderful serving dishes  and silverware to set this beautiful table!

Let the reliving begin!

I absolutley LOVE photographs, because they help me remember and relive happy occasions.  So, well……Thanksgiving was wonderful, and while getting ready for the next holiday…I’ll relive some Thanksgiving holiday here!

This is probably my favorite photo of the holiday.  Friday night we went downtown Peoria for the Yule Walk.  One stop had the balloon man, and my nephew’s daughter who is at the perfectly magical age of 4 1/2, asked for a Rudolph balloon sculptured head thingie.  I loved seeing the evening through her eyes!  Being Rudolph was absolutely divine!

Ok, slow connection this morning and I’ve got to get out the door to work.  More to come!