Iowa State Football and Tailgating for Fall

I feel like fall is racing away, and the leaves haven’t even changed yet!  So many things I want to do!!!  I’m hoping to buy a tent and try camping, but I may have missed the window of good weather.  Next week looks like lots of rain.  And then there’s football.  I’m not a big fan, have never been to an ISU game, but when I drive by University Blvd on a game day, it always looks like fun!  Maybe one of these days I’ll get there!



One thought on “Iowa State Football and Tailgating for Fall”

  1. We were at this game. It turned out to be a warm one. It was the day my boys had a blast and Mom came home a little frazzled. A lot of work, but worth it since my boys had such a great time. Is that what motherhood is all about? 😉

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