She liked it!

I made my sister a wall hanging for her birthday.   A few years ago she put an addition onto the cottage.  I have to admit, when she was in the planning stages and we had the architect’s drawing spread out on her dining room table, I thought she was a little crazy, but the addition is fantastic!  I wish I had some of her imaginative and visualizing skills.  I pretty much have to see something else and basically copy it, making some of my own changes and additions according to how it feels.  I can never visualize the finished product.  Anyway, I said I would make a little hanging for her new room.  I took home a piece of her wallpaper border for inspiration, and this is the finished product.  And, she liked it!!  And I liked making it….so….win-win!

the wall hanging

Nesting week

I think it is going to be a nesting week here at Passion for Green.  I haven’t posted any decorating photos in a while.  Going all the way back to spring, here are some views of what I had on the walls and just recently took down…..yah…..I’m a little behind!  Some of you would know that I change the decor in my bedroom with the seasons.  Spring focuses on Iowa fields, the progression of blooming and pictures of my family.

spring1spring2spring3spring4spring5spring6spring7spring8spring9button flowers

Can you tell I like to create things out of fabric?!  The second from the last was my attempt to paint something that looked like it was made out of fabric.

Iowa State Football and Tailgating for Fall

I feel like fall is racing away, and the leaves haven’t even changed yet!  So many things I want to do!!!  I’m hoping to buy a tent and try camping, but I may have missed the window of good weather.  Next week looks like lots of rain.  And then there’s football.  I’m not a big fan, have never been to an ISU game, but when I drive by University Blvd on a game day, it always looks like fun!  Maybe one of these days I’ll get there!



Convention perspectives

road behind

Sometimes people ask what we DO at our religious convention.  Most would know now that I am not a part of an organizational religion, no committees, no headquarters, no board meetings, no budgets, no collections, no group missions.  All our effort goes into trying to know and love our God.  So at convention, the workers talk about that and we listen, we visit, most people have a little job that contributes to our communal meals or sleeping arrangements for the four days we are together.  And we try to let God help us understand the road we’ve been on and help us get prepared in our hearts for the road ahead.  I would never have imagined living alone in Iowa, but here I am, and the road here was a little rocky, but not more than I could handle.  Where tomorrow’s road will lead, I don’t know, but I trust that God is planning my way.

road ahead