End of summer days


We’re coming up on the last days of summer soon.  Looks like it will hot here through the weekend and then cool off again with highs in the low 80’s or 70’s, temps dipping down into the 50’s at night.   Above is some grass seed I saw in the garden next to the Ames Public Library.  All over town it seems like the gardens are putting on their end of summer show, the tomatoes are ripening as their vines begin to fade away, the last crop of baby bunnies is growing up, perhaps the migrating birds are making plans for their annual trips to Florida and beyond, the Monarch butterflies are charging up with sweet nectar on their way to Mexico, and the night chorus of tree frogs and insects seems to be at a frantic peak.  I’m thinking it’s time to make some basil pesto, put up a little sweet corn for a winter pot luck, go to the Berry Patch and pick some blackberries and see how the Honey Crisp apples are coming along, make time for a concert at the Ames Band Shell Park, work in another trip to the Nevada pool, and start planning my fall wardrobe! How will you spend the end of summer days?

One thought on “End of summer days”

  1. ha- I should tell you… sometime I might blog parts of it. Let’s just say it’s not what I’d planned to do the last days of summer…
    still smiling though 😉

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