Natural plants

Ok, I am going to admit some of my extreme greeness here.  Today, being green means being ecologically sensitive;  but for me, being green means loving plants, you know, the way people love their dogs, their kids, maybe their houses.

I’ll blame my mother who let me buy the book The Secret Life of Plants when I was a pre-teen, and my gardening dad can share some blame too.  So…I feel really guilty when I don’t take care of my plants properly…and…..although I love some of the extreme bloomers that Earl May and K-Mart sell these days, sometimes I wonder if these plants feel abused, their genes pushed to the extreme for the sole pleasure of humans, kind of like ultra thin models or 3 year old beauty queens.  Maybe we as humans just need to change our point of view and see the natural beauty in some of our native plants.  I know a lot of ecologically green people are doing that these days.  So here are some close ups of plants from yesterday’s rain garden.  Aren’t they beautiful?



shy one



mini lace


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