Flowers and thin air


So….Colorado….it’s……well…..quite different from Iowa, for sure.  It’s dry, it’s rocky, the soil seems thin and feeble and in many places, the altitude is high and the air is thin.  So why are the flower gardens more beautiful in Colorado than they are in the well watered mid-West?  I don’t know the biological or social science answer to this question, but the mystery got me to thinking.  Can there be too much of a good thing?  With ample water and high humidity, I know that plants can quickly succumb to disease.  What’s good for the plant is also good for the bug or fungus.  But in the dry, thin air of the West, perhaps roses struggle….and they win, because less can be more in many cases.  Less stuff, less junk, less clutter….just life and light equals amazing beauty.

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