Flowers and thin air


So….Colorado….it’s……well…..quite different from Iowa, for sure.  It’s dry, it’s rocky, the soil seems thin and feeble and in many places, the altitude is high and the air is thin.  So why are the flower gardens more beautiful in Colorado than they are in the well watered mid-West?  I don’t know the biological or social science answer to this question, but the mystery got me to thinking.  Can there be too much of a good thing?  With ample water and high humidity, I know that plants can quickly succumb to disease.  What’s good for the plant is also good for the bug or fungus.  But in the dry, thin air of the West, perhaps roses struggle….and they win, because less can be more in many cases.  Less stuff, less junk, less clutter….just life and light equals amazing beauty.


Not sure if I’ll be in trouble for posting these pics or not, but I just love Steven’s sisters and I think they are terrific! So here goes….The first pic is the celebrating sister in Colorado with her hubby and son. The second photo is Steven’s twin sisters, followed by their husbands at the coffee shop where we had breakfast together. The last is my own dear amazing sister, who I hope to visit in Illinois very soon!

Sisters, they make life so much better!





The Party

The reason for going to Colorado was to party! It was a combination party: Steven’s sister’s and brother-in-law’s fiftieth birthdays and their 25th wedding anniversary and their son’s graduation from college. I won’t post a lot of great people pictures here as I’m not sure how they all feel about showing up on a blog, but it was a GREAT day and I wanted to share some of the brilliance with you!

party tents There were party tents in the back yard, helium balloons, tons of delicious food, peach cobbler that was to die for, cookies, cake, simple and beautiful table decorations and table games, which I thought was brilliant! Sandy cut flowered metallic paper and added wide wine colored ribbon to make gorgeous table runners. She added silk flowers in jars filled with white and purple sand, small jars of chex mix and a variety of games including barrel of monkeys, pick up sticks, word games, play dough and lots more to keep her guests having fun the whole time they were there!

table decorationsparty games

off to the church

Here’s the three special people headed off to the church for renewal of wedding vows. Notice Sandy’s car and how much she likes purple!

me and balloonsthe party is over

Steven and I helped a little with the decorations and the clean up. I was so glad to be included in this family celebration!