Apartment gardening

Living in an apartment doesn’t necessarily prevent you from dabbling in gardening.  At least this year, I am going to try some dabbling!  I found these lettuce plants at the West Ames HyVee, got them tucked nicely into a window box and set them out on the balcony.  “I’m a smart horticulturist, I know how to water plants….I don’t need to punch out the drainage holes in my window box…don’t want to have soil leakages, etc” I thought smugly to myself.  Well…..one day later….April rains proved me wrong.  Did I forget that balconies get rained on?  Duh…Gotta rescue my poor babies from drowning.  I’ll let you know if they survive and make it into salad and sandwiches!




You heard it here first: This little girl is going to grow up to be the first female US President!  She’s my great niece, I am CRAZY about her!


henry dsc01717 biofuels

The distinguished gentleman: a combination Billy Graham/Henry Kissinger type advisor

The press secretary/speech writer is kept busy by a constant flow of innovative policy initiatives

Preparing for a speech on the potential for biofuels with grandpa “Kissinger”

May House

Had lunch at May House on west Lincoln Way a while back.  If you want a true taste of the sea, get the amazingly unique combination hotpot, which is one of Steven’s favorites there.  I love the beef fried rice…perfect comfort food.  Oh, and it’s one of the few places in town where you can get soda fountain RC!

may-house beef-fried-rice


Meramec Caverns

One of the outings on our little  family reunion was to Meramec Caverns. I’ve never been in a cave before and this was the perfect introduction to one of life’s natural wonders. I expected dark and dank, or colorful and jewel-like (think Lord of the Rings descriptions), but reality was more fascinating than imagination. The feel of being in the caverns was wonderful…peaceful, settling, safe.