Making Outfits

library-outfit According to blogs and lifestyle news articles, we’re all dipping way back into our closets instead of going out to buy new pieces for our wardrobes. I’ve been reusing old pieces, not only for the sake of thrift, but because I can’t seem to find good replacements. But lately, I’ve really gotten into trying to make new outfits inspired by photos or inspiration boards I see on the internet. This one I call mahogany library, inspired by a board on Snippet and Ink. (Don’t get the impression I have any interest in weddings, which are featured on Snippet and Ink, I just love color and this blog plays with it better than any other I read!) The brown skirt is from Avenue, seems to be irreplaceable and I’ve worn it probably twice a week for the last NINE years! The mahogany/wine corduroy Lee shirt was a gift from my sister, the black tee shirt is a standby from Target and I made the tie especially for the outfit so it had a bookish feel! I include the shoes, very weary worn, I know, but they have been amazingly comfortable and long lasting for the last nine years too… first pair of Ecco shoes.  Here’s a close up, and the Snippet and Ink board that inspired me. Cheap thrills, huh?!



One thought on “Making Outfits”

  1. I’ve been ‘reusing old pieces’ because, ummm, wait a second. If they don’t have holes in them that are visible more than 10% of the time (in business situations), why would I replace them? Weird idea…

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