Children’s gardens

One of the reasons I’ve always been enchanted with gardens is that my dad let me play around and dig in his gardens. I’m not exactly sure where he got his passion, but all three of us kids got some of it. Here are some pics from the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Children’s Garden. I never had anything like this! I just made mud pies and apple leaf salads and picked lots of violets.

child5 child1 child2

child3 child4

Gardens on my mind

Hmmm, starting to think about gardening!  Been helping Steven move some stuff to his new place and we keep bumping into my full sized heavy duty spade that I keep in the trunk.  Mind you, not a snow shovel, a spade fit for an agronomist, just in case I get the urge to dig a hole!



These were taken a few years ago when my sis and I visited the Chicago Botanic Garden.  Maybe this will help warm you up on a cold winter day!

“ain’t no sunshine…”

I think there is a song that goes something like that. We have a pretty good cloud cover today, although a couple of times the sun has broken through for a few seconds. Do you ever have times when the sun breaks through? All of a sudden you have a burst of energy and warmth and the whole world looks different. Ya gotta catch those sunbeams, put them in a bottle and make ’em work for you!


This photo was taken through the pine tree behind mom and dad’s house in Sterling. Oh and by the way, happy birthday dad!