Beautiful fall day at the cottage

Well, it’s almost the weekend again so I guess I better get busy and post some pics from last weekend! My friend Meagnon and I, plus her two sweetie wawas, went to visit my sister at her cottage. Even though it was chilly, we had two beautiful boat rides. There is nothing quite like shivering down in the boat as you leave the dock, and then rounding the corner out into the sun and feeling your body relax and begin to soak up the rays. I fall into kind of a trance, the steady grind of the motor at the back of the boat, the breeze on my face and intermittent snatches of conversation caught on the wind. I have the luxury of Illinois bottled coke (much better tasting than Iowa coke for some reason) in a coffee travel mug next to me and indulge in images of my parents eating Saturday night pizza on this pontoon boat during the many summers they enjoyed being here.

Meagnon cooked us scrambled eggs for breakfast…mmmmmm…..eggs….and skillet toast. While waiting for the weather to warm up we drove over to Banner Marsh and watched the swans (without the dogs) and then headed out onto the water (with the dogs). Monty was quite the boat dog! Charely is a very small wawa, and even in her hand-me-down sweater, she was quite cold. Eventually, she did find a sun ray to warm her up and came out from under the pile of coats. Later in the day, we took the boat over to the beach and worked on cleaning up the outside. I usually avoid lake water like the plague, but this time I had an unusual urge to commune with the green water. After our cleaning project, I actually had myself a little swim! More good food, some kebabs on the grill, the Palin/Biden debate, some reading and a good night’s sleep, a waffle breakfast…and our little vacation at the cottage came to an end.

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