It’s one of those between-summer-and-fall days that you wish would never end! It’s warm, probably pushing 80 degrees F, but there is a good breeze too, the tree tops are swaying, the sun plays hide and seek with the clouds and all the insects are playing their little hearts out before the first frost creeps up on them.

A few leaves have fallen, enough to scuff through  when you walk down the street and you can see flashes of red, yellow and orange peeking out from the mostly still green trees. The crab apple trees that line the back drive are full of little hard red apples and occasionally as you drive around town you can see a real apple tree loaded down with red jewels!

2 thoughts on “Wow!”

  1. We had that same gorgeous day in Minnesota, too, just a bit cooler! Perfect dog-walking weather.

    It’s been fun reading about your Polish adventure.

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