Fall is coming!

What is today, the 17th? (I know, if I don’t know what day it is, I am either retired or not working hard enough!) And the first day of fall is….let’s see… either the 20th or the 21st. So what are you looking forward to this fall? For me: scuffing in the leaves, the smell of fires burning, the sound of football roars, chilly dewy mornings, going to Ledges to see the color, pumpkins, pumpkin pie, honey crisp apples, cider, sweaters and sweatshirts, soft fuzzy socks, caramel apples, hearing migrating geese, reading in bed because it gets dark early, Halloween, blazing sun on golden leaves, acorns under foot, mums, pressing colored leaves, sitting outside in the fall cool at Stomping Grounds, making soup, apple crisp with cinnamon ice cream, snuggling when you feel cold, warm blankets, and hopefully, this year, a reduction of hot flashes!

One thought on “Fall is coming!”

  1. Cute little guy. Cute little squirrel. Thanks for sitting outside with me at the Stomping Grounds the other night. I’m looking forward to all these things. But especially the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) and all the fun and family time that comes with it.

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