Saying goodbye to Poland

This will be my last post about my trip to Poland this summer to visit my son. I ended up making a full circle, flying out of Warsaw where I started. We spent one night with this man and his dog! His wife and kids were back home in the UK for a summer visit. He was a great cook and I appreciated their hospitality and the room to spread out my stuff for one last repacking!

I have to say my trip was perfectly wonderful in every way, from the flight on United Airlines to the Polish people, the hotels and food, the beautiful old cities and countryside, the trains, buses, and trams, all the cute puppy dogs, the weather, the flowers and the Polish air! I met a lot of wonderful friends and was on the receiving end of so much hospitality.

I truly hope I get to go back again next year!

One thought on “Saying goodbye to Poland”

  1. Oh no. I’m so sad. The flowers are gorgeous and the picture of you holding the puppy is to die for. *waves goodbye to Poland and Ian and all the wonderful people you met along the way…sigh*

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